Creation of 50 birds’ signs and videos in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Maltese sign languages (O1-O6-O4).

The fundamental preparatory research work for the more appropriate sign for each bird species is carried on by Deaf people associations in the five partner countries. In fact, the designation of each bird in the national sign languages is far from being completed, except for few species of common “use” as “eagle” or “pigeon” but even the type of eagle and pigeon are missing. This work of taxonomy in sign languages is a very inspiring and innovative and its effects may go well behind the project. The partnership created with BANOFFEE represents the most spoken languages in Europe and the video of the sign will be freely available online for the direct recipients but also for professionals, interpreters, teachers and guides not only working within nature but also talking about nature and ornithology.


The DPAM, LPO and BLM following the result of the first three outputs (O1-O2-O3) will prepare the educational material consisting in a series of short videos that will translate the information about the selected nature reserves in Malta and in France. This material will make it easier for Deaf and hard of hearing people access information from the interpretation centres. A series of educational videos about selected common species (around 15) of birds in the national sign languages of both countries along with English and French subtitles will be the more important result of O4. The information about Maltese and French birds will be shoot to be widely used in all similar nature reserves and wherever the description of the selected birds will be necessary.


The process of research and formation of signs for the agreed list of common birds (thanks to the BirdLife International partners) and all the videos are in progress at the moment. If you are a Deaf person coming from one of the five participant countries, an interpreter or a sign language expert in a lexicon, a short movie director with experience on Deaf videos and you want to know more or participate to the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us