The Deaf People Association of Malta represents about 400 deaf/hearing impaired people in the Maltese Islands. The aim of the associations is to ensure that Deaf people have the same opportunities to live an independent life of the highest possible quality; to exert reasonable pressure on the Maltese authorities to ensure that Deaf people have the same opportunities as all other citizens and can live an independent life at the highest possible quality.

DPAM raises public awareness of how the Maltese Society can make a difference in the lives of Deaf people and disseminate information about existing facilities available to Deaf people;

DPAM partnerships with government, authorities and other organizations that are in line with the objectives of the Association; encourage international contacts with similar organizations abroad and participate in international meetings.

The Association is run mainly by volunteers and works at national, European and international level. We are members of the World Federation of the Deaf (DMA) and the European Union of the Deaf (EUD) . At the national level, we send members to a variety of forums and bodies around the themes of human rights, accessibility, diversity and disability.

The Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife) is the first environmental NGO in Spain ans is the state reference entity in its field. Since 1954 has been working for: conserve wild birds and their habitat, Conduct scientific studies to increase knowledge about wild birds, spread knowledge, appreciation and respect to birds and nature in general, practice environmental education and promote environmental volunteer programs and work in international cooperation for development. SEO/BirdLife has a big experience in ornithological tourism, conservation of sensitive areas and rural development It is a registered as non-profit and public utility organization and has received, among many others, the National Environmental Award (1994) and the BBVA Award for Biodiversity Conservation (2004). Is the partner of BirdLife International in Spain.

The association “Volem Signar i Escoltar” (AVSiE) was created in 2016 with the purpose of fighting for equal opportunities in Deaf People education in Catalonia. The only educational modality accessible that guarantees total access to information is the Bilingual Modality, where oral and sign language coexist in the same room.

We defend sign language as the natural language of Deaf people, we fight for its diffusion, awareness and to make it official, and under no circumstance underestimate a prosthetic help or any other resource. We provide support and orientation to families after the detection of deafness in the first age. We organize seminars, talks and conferences to spread awareness of sign language. We make recreational, sports and sociocultural activities accessible in sign language. We work together public and private entities to spread sign language and achieve complete accessibility for deaf people.

Founded in 1962, BirdLife Malta (BLM) is Malta’s oldest environmental organisation, whose mission is to conserve wild birds, their habitats and biodiversity by working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. 

For more than 50 years BLM have been an advocate for the protection of Maltese wildlife that involves Maltese in their natural environment, and ensures that a natural legacy is left for the next generation. Through community participation projects and nature reserves, BLM have created homes for nature and safe places for both migratory and resident birds. BLMs educational mission is to connect people with nature. Both formal and informal programs emphasise experiential learning that offers direct physical, sensory, and intellectual ways to develop a relationship with the world on which we depend on for our survival.

Abile Mente implements projects aimed at promoting the inclusion and social, cultural and working autonomy of deaf people. The activities are carried out in a bilingual perspective to encourage exchange and sharing between deaf and hearing people, ensuring equal participation without communication barriers. The association is mainly active in the educational and welfare field with the promotion of reading in Lis, support to families with deaf children, play-pedagogical workshops, projects to raise awareness of prevention in health care.

The Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) is a non governmental conservation organisation focusing on the study and protection of wild birds and their habitats, as integral elements of Greek Nature.

Since 1982 we strive to safeguard a sustainable environment where birds and people may live in harmony. We study and protect wild birds, work towards the conservation of Important Bird Areas in Greece, raise public awareness, enhance environmental education, as well as advocate and intervene in environmental policy. HOS is a partner of BirdLife International, the largest global partnership for the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

The long-term conservation work of HOS has led to the identification of 208 IBAs, that represent the 24% of the Greek territory. Thanks to pressure by HOS, the 57% of these are already protected as Special Protection Areas (SPAs) as part of the EU Natura 2000 network. HOS has implemented more than 30 EU Projects as a coordinator or partner, five of which have been awarded as Best LIFE Nature Projects by the EE.

With a century of experience and more than 57,000 members, 8,000 active volunteers, and 450 employees on the national , the LPO is a major player in natural conservation in France. Official representative of Birdlife International and recognized nonprofit organization, the association acts at international and national level in favor of biodiversity. Relying on a network of local associations active in the whole national territory, the LPO offers innovative and collaborative projects in the interests of increasing the knowledge and protection of different species, preserving natural spaces, and improving public awareness and implication.